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"The Philippines is considered the third-largest contributor to plastic waste worldwide, contributing to an estimated 0.75 million metric tons of ocean plastic every year." 

- Ateneo De Manila University

It is often assumed that the upper class is the primary source of the rampant production of plastic waste. However, in a country like the Philippines where just 0.4% of the population are considered as upper-class, the numbers for our plastic waste production don't quite add up. This discrepancy lies in the fact that communities in poverty are just as reliant on single-use plastics as upper class communities are. Additionally, while privileged bubbles are able opt for sustainable alternatives, marginalized communities largely lack the option to and rarely even consider their environmental impact. Resulting from a lack of awareness and opportunity, communities in need are often more susceptible to unsustainable practices — we are on a mission to change that. 

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