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Meet The Board

Who We Are

Alex Kim

Co-Founder & President

I’ve lived in the Philippines for my whole life, thus developing a candid connection with Filipino people and their culture. I have grown to realize the acute issue that is the vast income inequality gap in the Philippines and its domino-effect consequences in this country’s society. One such consequence is the abundance of plastic waste and lack of facilitated recycling networks in urban slums; I wanted to take the agency to face this problem head on to leave a positive impact on the place I call home. As president, I will be spearheading and overseeing everything this organization is involved in.

Joonhee Han

Co-Founder & Co-Vice President

 As part of another non-governmental organization that aims to provide opportunities for Filipino students to discover their interests, talent, and passion in STEM, I have visited local schools several times and hosted learning sessions. Those trips led me to realize the gravity of the plastic waste issues in the Philippines. As a result, I’ve taken the initiative to encourage recycling by supplying household products and facilitating the recycling process in urban slums. By doing so, I aspire to contribute to building a more sustainable society as well as inspiring local families to spread awareness regarding plastic waste to their own communities. 

Bella Castilla

Media Head

As a proud Pinoy, I would do anything to help my home country. I want to help restore the former glory that came with the famous title Pearl of the Orient; the iridescence of a pearl can illuminate even the darkest of places. A step towards this goal? Clearing the clutter, which is what Rightfully Recycled intends to do by upcycling recyclable plastics taken from communities in poverty; not only do we help the environment in doing so, but we also give back to the community that has given us so much growing up.  

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